Every day, taxi cab drivers in major metropolitan areas of the United States are competing against each other for fares. Whether they work on their own or as part of a company, these drivers have to find ways to get passengers who want a ride. A few tips can help them stay competitive and earn more money.

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    Set your fare rates based on the distance and time of day

    If you’re a cab driver, you know how important it is to set your rates. Being aware of how fares are calculated can help increase your earnings.  For instance, at night or during rush hour, when people are more likely to take cabs than during the day, most companies charge a premium fare over what they charge during normal business hours. It’s also recommended that you charge extra for long distances or if your customer has to travel more than three blocks from their starting location. 

    Prepare yourself before picking up each passenger

    As a taxi driver in an urban area, you will often have multiple customers within minutes of each other. Before getting into the car with one passenger finish all tasks related to another ride service. For example, after you drop one customer off make sure the cab is clean, and that all equipment including the meter is ready before taking on a new passenger.  Reaching a destination ahead of your scheduled time can also help get you better ratings from previous passengers since they’ll know that you were able to arrive earlier than expected. That reflects positively on your performance as a driver.

    But don’t just focus on getting good ratings

    Taxi drivers who spend too much time trying to earn five stars from their customers may not realize half the opportunities to pick up fares are passing them by. Make it part of your job to pay attention to where other taxi cabs are located; if you see several of them parked in one area, chances are there’s an opportunity nearby to pick up a passenger who needs a ride.  If you want to increase your chances of finding fares, keep an eye on the other cabs in the area and park near them if possible.  

    Tips include: Set your fare rates based on distance and time of day Prepare yourself before picking up each passenger Don’t just focus on getting good ratings Pay attention to where other taxi cabs are located, and park near them If you’re a taxi driver, how do you make sure you get as many fares as possible? What tips would you recommend?

    Be friendly to customers – make them feel welcome, comfortable, and safe

    Your passengers are the reason you’re out on the road, working hard to get from one place to another. If you make them feel welcome and at ease in your taxi cab, chances are they’ll give better ratings when they answer a post-ride survey. One way to do that is by getting into friendly conversations with customers; ask them about their day and provide your own reply if possible.  If there’s the time between drop-offs – especially during slow hours where many cabs aren’t waiting for fares – continue talking with passengers for as long as they want or until another fare approaches your vehicle. Sometimes just taking five minutes to show you care can result in passengers choosing you again over other cabs later on in the day.

    Get all your equipment up-to-date

    It’s important to keep your cab in good condition because you never know when a passenger might need an extra tool, like a tire pump or jumper cables. Make sure to check all windows and lights on your vehicle to make sure they are clean, undamaged, and operational.  Be prepared for any potential emergency by making sure you have water, blankets if it’s cold outside, an ice scraper if rain is forecasted, latex gloves if a customer wants a hand with something (but only if the roads are wet), and plenty of snacks in case the car gets stuck in traffic. Get regular maintenance checks from your local mechanic for best results; he or she will be able to look out for any potential problems with your car before they develop.  This way, you won’t have to worry about a flat tire while on the road or discovering that there’s still water stuck behind one of your windows.

    Stay safe on the road – obey traffic laws and common-sense safety procedures

    When you’re behind the wheel of a taxi cab, you’re responsible for keeping yourself and your passengers safe while still getting from one location to another as quickly as possible. If you take every precaution to make sure the road is clear of any potential hazards, you’ll be able to maneuver your vehicle in ways that help avoid trouble spots.  For example, if there’s a sharp turn or icy patch near an intersection, you can use your extra time and room to move around it before other cars start driving into the dangerous area. When approaching red lights and stop signs, slow down at least 20 feet (6 meters) away so that you have enough time to come to a full stop if necessary; this will help prevent accidents as well during busy times if other vehicles are trying to beat the traffic light or brake too hard from their own stop signs. Also keep in mind that when you’re going up hills, brake before you shift into drive, and when going down hills, use your brakes after you’ve shifted. Oftentimes, drivers accelerate too much going downhill, sending their cab careening out of control – especially if another car or bicyclist is trying to pass them.

    Make sure to look at the speedometer while you drive since it will help keep track of how fast or slow you’re going. Make sure not to go over the speed limit, however. Taxi driving is no easy job; but if done right, one day those long hours spent sitting behind the wheel just might make you a safer driver – something that could save your life and the lives of others if an accident occurs. However, no matter how safe taxi drivers are or become, accidents still happen.

    Get involved in your community by offering reduced or free fares for destitute passengers

    One way you can prove that you are a good member of the community is by giving back whenever possible.  The best way to start doing this is by knowing which organizations serve those who need a hand during tough times so that you can get in touch with them and help provide guidance on what they do as well as how they accomplish it. When an organization asks for donations (through door-to-door solicitation or otherwise), you may also suggest that your cab company make a contribution. By bringing in donations, you help the organization get what it needs to serve those who are less fortunate – and if you offer free or discounted rides to these passengers on your own, even better.

    Have a clean car that is well maintained 

    A clean car is just as important for making a good impression at the airport, hotel, or other passenger’s destination.  Make sure your taxi cab has enough gas, is clean on the outside and inside (even the floor mats), and don’t have any trash or loose items in it. Safe Taxi Service

    Offer free WiFi for passengers who are stuck in traffic or have long drives ahead of them 

    Having a backup WiFi internet connection is a nice extra to offer passengers, especially if they’ll be stuck in traffic for a while. You don’t want to be viewed as the bad guy by making them pay for an internet connection on top of riding in your cab, and if passengers already have smartphones they can use free WiFi with, you’ll help make their travel time much easier.

    Use technology like GPS and mobile apps to offer directions or find nearby attractions not listed on Google Maps 

    A GPS  navigation system is a great tool for any driver to have, but it’s even better if you can use your mobile device to offer directions and help passengers get around the city.

    If at all possible be sure to park in a well-lit area as close to the passenger destination as you can (considering the time of day and other factors). This will reduce your chances of being targeted by criminals who prey on parked cars.

    Cab drivers are always looking for safe driving tips that they can follow every day when they hit the road on their shift. According to an article published by CarsDirect, there are several key points that cab drivers should be

    Know where you’re going before picking up a customer so there’s no need for back-and-forth conversation about directions

    A taxi driver that says they’re safe and are always going to stay safe is a good thing.

    The tips Uber drivers have for other Uber drivers can apply to anyone that drives professionally. Safe Taxi Service  How to be a Good Driver  – Practicing your driving skills at the earliest opportunity is one of the best things that any new driver can do – it’s more important than ever before since today’s vehicles are significantly different from what people drove 10 or 20 years ago. It isn’t enough to just learn the ins and outs of the vehicle itself; you’ll also need to know how it interacts with everything else on the road.