Just arrived at Southampton Airport, UK ( SO18 2NL ) and need a taxi to travel to Plymouth ( PL1 ) ? Don’t worry anymore Southampton Taxi is at your service. Book a cab from Southampton Taxi right now and save your precious time and money!

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    Pickup from Southampton Airport (SOU)

    Southampton Taxi’s chauffeur will pick you right from the Southampton Airport (SO18 2NL). Our experienced chauffeur will assist you with your baggage and help you carry it to the cab. The journey won’t start until you are all set and command our driver to get on the road.

    The journey from Southampton Airport ( SO18 2NL ) to Plymouth ( PL1 )

    The distance between Southampton Airport (SO18 2NL) and Plymouth(PL1) is almost 152 miles by car. The journey takes 3 hours via A35, 3 hours 10 minutes via A303 and 3 and a half hours via M4 and M5.

    Cost of traveling from Southampton Airport to Plymouth 

    The cost of your whole trip from Southampton Airport ( SO18 2NL ) to Plymouth will end up being around 130£.

    The cost might vary with choice of vehicle and route.

    Why traveling by taxi from Southampton Airport (SO18 2NL) to Plymouth (PL1) is better than taking a train?

    Travelling by train might be the cheapest way to get from Southampton Airport (SO18 2NL) to Plymouth ( PL1). But it’s the most unsafe and slowest mode of transportation. When you take a train from Southampton Airport to Plymouth , it will take you 4 hours or more, which is two times more than a taxi. Moreover, the train has an awkward seating arrangement  and a large number of passengers on board with you which can be a safety hazard for your health. Having to travel on train with so many other strangers onboard can be annoying for many people as the place is noisy and you might feel unsafe. This is exactly why hiring a private cab service is the most convenient way of traveling from Southampton Airport (SO18 2NL) to Plymouth (PL1). From your luggage to any other requests, Southampton Taxi’s cab driver will assist you with everything. Moreover, you will have a whole vehicle by yourself so that you can be as comfortable as you wish throughout the entire journey.

    Travel with Southampton Taxi and never worry about getting anywhere late

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    • No hidden tax
    • Experienced Chauffeurs
    • Vast fleet of cars

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