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    Southampton to Twickenham

    Need a taxi from Southampton to Twickenham? Then you’re in luck because Southampton Taxi offers fast and affordable taxis from Southampton to Twickenham with a huge fleet of cars to choose from. Traveling with the family or if you need a small mini taxi for one person, we have you covered. But in addition to our wide variety of vehicles, we also offer the most experienced and reliable drivers who take your safety very seriously. Book a taxi from Southampton to Twickenham today at Southampton Taxi and be amazed by our reliable taxi service.


    Pickup from anywhere in Southampton


    The Southampton Taxi driver will pick you up at your desired pickup location minutes after booking. Then the chauffeur will help you with any luggage you have and help you carry it to the cabin. The journey won’t start until you’re ready and order our driver to hit the road.


    The journey from Southampton ( SO14)  to Twickenham( TW1 )

    The distance between Southampton Airport (SO14) and Twickenham (TW1) is approximately 66 miles by car. The journey takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes on the M3 route. However, via the A31 route, the distance becomes 70 miles and takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. The third route is the A3 which is 84 miles long and takes 1 hour 40 minutes.


    Shortest route from Southampton to Twickenham : M3

    Longest route from Southampton to Twickenham : A3


    Cost of traveling from Southampton ( SO14 ) to Twickenham ( TW1 )

    The cost of your entire journey from Southampton (SO14) to Twickenham (TW1) will be around £ 110. The cost may vary depending on the choice of vehicle and route.


    What’s the best way of travelling from Southampton ( SO14 ) to Twickenham ( TW1 )? Train vs Taxi

    The train is the cheapest way to get from Southampton (SO14) to Twickenham (TW1) compared to a private taxi. But traveling by train is very risky, it is also the slowest means of transport from Southampton to Twickenham. When you take a train from Southampton to Twickenham, it will take you 2 hours or more, which is twice as long as it would take a private taxi to get to your destination. Also, the train has an uncomfortable seating arrangement and a large number of passengers on board with you, which can be a huge safety hazard, especially in times like the pandemic. Having to travel by train with so many strangers on board can be stressful for many people, as the place is noisy and you may feel unsafe. This is exactly why hiring a private taxi service is the most convenient way to travel from Southampton (SO14) to Twickenham (TW1). From your luggage to any other request, the Southampton Taxi driver will help you with everything. In addition, you will have a complete vehicle just so you can be as comfortable as you want throughout the journey.