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Terms and Conditions
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“Licence” any driver working for My chauffeur hampshire will be licenced by Winchester City Council however My chauffeur hampshire partners or subsidiaries include drivers and vehicles with Licences held with Southampton City Council.

“Holiday Period” between 18:30 hours on 24 December to 23:59 is time and half and on 25th December to 23:59 is double pay and 26 December 00:01 until 27 December 6:00 time and half.
All other bank holidays are also time and half.
In relation to the collection of any Passenger(s) for an Airport Booking, we will allow 1 hour waiting time starting from the last known estimated arrival time of an inbound international flight and a domestic flight respectively. We reserve the right to charge the Customer a Waiting Time Charge which shall, for the avoidance of doubt, include the first 1 hour (as the case may be) waiting time. For the purposes of this clause the “last known estimated arrival time” will either be:
(i) if the Customer provides a flight number at the time of making the Airport Booking, we will monitor the relevant flight and alter the collection time accordingly; or (ii) (ii) if the Customer does not provide a flight number, the time which has been specified by the Customer for the Airport Booking. For all Airport Bookings other than on-demand Airport Bookings, the Customer may specify a collection time at any time after the flight arrival time, after which specified time the 15 or 30 minutes (as the case may be) waiting time shall commence. After expiry of the 15 or 30 minutes (as the case may be) waiting time, we reserve the right to charge the Customer an applicable Waiting Time Charge.

In the event of excessive traffic conditions e.g. road works and weather conditions neither driver nor My chauffeur hampshire cars are liable for any delay to flight, train, or coach bookings. My chauffeur hampshire Cars will not accept liability for any financial loss due to missed flight, train, or coach bookings. MCH will do its best to provide the latest traffic conditions and may advise approximate booking time however real time booking will be down to the customer’s discretion. Any journey for flight, train or coach bookings customer should allow enough time for journey MCH Cars will not take responsibility for booking time.

We may charge reasonable repair or cleaning charges plus £100 representing loss of earnings for the Driver in the event of spillages in or if any Passenger vomits in or otherwise soils, contaminates or damages a Passenger Vehicle.
We shall not be responsible for any property left by Passengers in any Passenger Vehicle. Where property is found in a Passenger Vehicle it will be stored by us for a period of 28 days and thereafter, we shall be entitled to return, destroy or otherwise dispose of such property as we, in its absolute discretion, see fit.

Our payment terms for regular bookings are: All payments are due in full before any bookings, unless prior agreement has been made or is a business account.
For wedding bookings 25% deposit with the remaining balance due 14 days prior to the booking.
Any deviations to the original booking price, such as additional waiting time, extra hours, car parking, additional stops and address changes will automatically be charged from the credit card that you provided upon booking.
The charge on your credit card statement will be shown as My chauffeur hampshire

1.If a booking is cancelled by the Customer within 24 hours from the start of the period of hire, 50% of all monies paid will be non-refundable.
2.If a booking is cancelled by the Customer within 12 hours from the start of the period of hire, 100% of all monies paid will be non-refundable.
3.If a wedding booking is cancelled within 1 month from the start of the period of hire, the deposit will be non-refundable. If a wedding booking is cancelled within two weeks from the start of the period of hire, the full hire amount will still be charged to the customer.
4.If multiple vehicle bookings are cancelled by the Customer for any major social and business events, within 5 days from the start of the period of hire, 100% of all monies paid will be non-refundable.
5.If the customer does not appear at the time and place designated as the pickup point, all monies paid will be non-refundable.
We reserve the right to refuse to transport or cease to transport any Passenger who behaves in a disorderly, inappropriate (including excessive physical contact or display), threatening or abusive manner or who, in our absolute discretion, we consider a nuisance or a danger to our employees, agents, subcontractors or to fellow Passengers and may require such a Passenger to alight from a Passenger Vehicle and the Customer may be charged a Cancellation Fee. We are committed to providing Services in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. We may assist any Passenger who is not capable of boarding and alighting a Passenger Vehicle unaided, at our sole discretion but at the Passenger’s risk.


We strive to deliver the highest standards of service for our customers:we are proud of our 99% Of all bookings last year being undertaken without service incident.However,we recognise that things can occasionally go wrong.We have procedures in place to handle situations like these and to make things right for our customers. If you have a complaint in respect of the service provided by your chauffeur you should first contact My chauffeur Hampshire with phone number or email provided on your booking receipt.
In all cases,kindly ensure that you always include your booking Reference together with the details of your complaint.
Rest assured that we are committed to providing a resolution to all complaints in a timely manner.Please allow us at least 72 hours to fully investigate and resolve any complaints.

My Chauffeur Hampshire, as part of its compliance to its quality and customer satisfaction obligations, has a comprehensive customer complaint procedure and the involvement of senior staff and Directors until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.
To ensure customer complaints or failures of communication or meeting customer requirements are fully investigated by the Managing Director they are addressed as soon as possible.
As such, our stages of response to a problem being reported will include :-
Recording and verify the problem to be resolved
Assigning an investigating Manager
Consulting with the complainant and parties to the incident
Producing recommendations/actions and parties to the incident
Producing recommendations/actions to resolve the issue to the Managing Director
Communicating the findings to the customer
Analysing the findings from the investigation and report to the customer
Implementing corrective measures and/or procedures to prevent recurrence.
We use the above stages to deliver our commitment to quality management and eliminate failure to meet the customer requirement.

Nothing contained in these terms and conditions can affect the Client’s statutory rights.